aqualohas OTM 深海礦物質
泓發樂活氏 健康食品, 機能食品, 膳食補充劑代工
咖啡硬水, 咖啡專用水

Main Services

Private Label Mineral Supplement

Trace Mineral Supplement 

Private Label Skin Care

Skin Care with Natural Minerals

Portable Hotspring

Mineral Health Spa Machine

Mineral Water for Cofee

Mineral Water TDS booster

Deep Ocean Minerals Supplier

Ocean Trace Mineral Manufacture

Beverage Flavoring

Coffee & Tea Flavoring

Ocean Mineral Q&A

Why Aqualohas

Aqua Lohas Water-Tech Service Co., Ltd. is a research and development service team that integrates the application of mineral ions with natural deep ocean water.  Our base products include mineral drops, daily supplements, and thousands of beverage applications. Our unique position in the mineral R&D market allows us to make enlightening discoveries. We take pride in being an backbone entity in Taiwan nutritional supplement manufacturing that promotes deep ocean minerals.

Founded by National ITRI Team

Natural ocean mineral product R&D teams. Provides complete data and digital analysis of the benefits from natural ocean trace minerals.

Natural Mineral Brand from Ocean

Assurance Mineral products originate from deep ocean (600-700m) of the east coast of Taiwan.

turn Key Services R&D to product

One stop service from product R&D to product marketing without additional cost.  All services are transparent.   

Complete Content Marketing assist

Provides scientific research, industry knowledge and additional marketing benefits for digital downloads and site links.

Our Certifications


Practices required in order to conform to the guidelines recommended by agencies that control the quality of food beverages, cosmetics & dietary supplements


Issued by THIDA (Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association). Practices required for beverages, cosmetics and supplement for entering Muslim market.


HACCP & ISO are systematic preventive approaches to food safety from biological, chemical, and physical hazards aspects.


OTM is aqualohas brand logo that indicates mineral water source came from 600 – 700m deep ocean.  This ensures the quality and safety of mineral source.